Why a Wedding Timeline is Essential

Chris Kryzanek Photography - Wedding Timeline Essential

Your wedding day will probably be one of the most important days of your life. A way of thinking about the day that is helpful from a time perspective is as a production. Obviously, certain events occur in a certain order or have starting times defined. But taking a more detailed approach and laying out a timeline for the day can be essential. Not everyone has a wedding coordinator hired for the day, so often you take on this role. The timeline can help keep you accountable for making sure certain things are ready to go when they need to in order for other starting times to happen. Your wedding photographer will also be a part of the timeline creation.

Since you are most likely creating this timeline for the first time, how do you begin? Obviously certain details such as where you will be getting ready and where the locations of that is, and the ceremony location and the reception location are required. From a photography perspective you then need to think about are you being traditional or doing a first look? This will then dictate if family photos can happen before the ceremony or need to happen after. Also are creative bridal portraits of the couple being done and when and where? With this information you can then start to lay it all out and guesstimate how long each event will take. There are numerous wedding websites that can help you predict typical times.

Instead of leaving you hanging there, how about starting with a timeline template that you can fill in? Yes, nothing more than your name and email are required, so fill out the form and you can download a free wedding timeline pdf.

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