Now For Something I Love Besides Photography (Once Again About The Photographer)

chili cheese hot dog photoSince the last food post featured some photos of lovely tomatoes, but my story and not loving the taste of them, I decided that I should also talk about something I do love: homemade chili-cheese hot dogs.  Yum!

Growing up, I had a number of favorite dinners that my mom would make. One of them was homemade chili.  It was something that was a regular meal, so as I grew older I was always surprised when I would share it with others and they would say "I never thought of making homemade chili". 

I'm hoping that doesn't mean most people are used to the canned varieties found in the grocery store.  I won't pretend that I've never had canned chili, but I can easily say it doesn't compare to homemade chili.  Have many people gone through life not knowing what they are missing?  I'm sure that also applies to homemade Mac and Cheese vs. the boxed ones from Kraft.

Back to the chili.  Obviously, I've carried on the tradition of making homemade chili over the years, and my family loves it as well.  After watching the Food Network for many years, I also found ways to spice it up and take it to the next level in flavor.

Another interesting fact is growing up, I've had plenty of hot dogs and plenty of chili, but it wasn't until more recent years where I put my homemade chili on top of a hot dog.  Also for the record I'm using the gourmet all-beef hot dogs (not the bargain ones that have no flavor). So when I finally did put chili on top, it was magic.  So anytime I make a batch of homemade chili, I make sure that the next day I make some of these yummy beasts to feast upon.    chili cheese hot dogs food photo

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