It’s The Bear Of Starting Something

Welcome to the blog!  This is not the first time I've dived into the world of writing a blog, but starting a new one is always a challenge.  So, like many things in life, it's getting started that is the hardest thing.  Quite a bear, indeed.  baby with giant stuffed bear with white background

Can't go wrong with a pun, and, of course, a giant bear. 

Behind the scenes photographing a baby with a giant stuffed bear

I'm no expert in the world of photographing bears, but babies and toddlers are another matter.  Piece of cake.  In some ways they are very similar.  Both can't be directed to pose (they will do as they please).  Trickery, bribery and certain techniques are all essential in understanding what works with baby photography (and perhaps for bears too). 

Baby and giant bear photo collage

Of course my wife, Sara, and myself often refer to our boys as Park Bears, with their destructive nature and ability to get into almost anything, despite child protection in place (maybe a bear box is more of what we really need). 

One strong memory from my youth is going camping with parents in Yellowstone and having a couple of bears come into our campsite.  We quickly ran to our van and watched and as the mother bear and cub attacked our cooler.  I had a small Thermos that one bear chewed on.  I later enjoyed taking it to school and showing my nawed on Thermos and telling other kids it was from a bear. 

Similarly, we have plenty of stories about our boys and the mischief they've gotten into.  Bears and boys, very similar indeed. 

I know that I've barely scraped the surface (yes, I had to finish with another pun). 

Baby with giant bear and white background

 Just grin and bear...  Well, you know the rest.

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