Fathers Day Tips On What Dad Really Wants

Instead of avoiding talking about the cliche gifts for Fathers Day that dad usually gets, it's time to see what dad really wants, by first showing what he doesn't want.
Fathers Day gift tips no neckties photo
Nope, it's not another bad necktie.
Fathers day tips no golf balls photo
More golf balls? Nope.
Fathers Day tips no more socks photo
Does dad need more socks? Maybe, but that's not what he wants for Fathers Day!
Fathers Day tip no more baseball hats photo
Again, not another baseball hat!
Fathers Day tip no more Hawaiian shirt photo
Another Hawaiian shirt? No!
Fathers Day tip yes a lovely canvas gallery wrap photo
Ahhhhh, a lovely canvas. Now we're talking. So, my advice is to avoid the old and tired cliche Fathers Days gifts for something dad really wants.

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