Big things coming in 2014

Looks like our family is about to double in size.

Triplets announcement
Triplets announcement

When Sara and I found out we were pregnant again, we got our heads wrapped around the idea of going from two young children to three. Not exactly an easy task, but doable. However we got a huge surprise from Sara’s first ultrasound test. She knew something was up when the ultrasound technician asked if she had been talking fertility drugs. Sara asked “why?”, and the technician told her to get ready for a surprise.

I was actually at home for this appointment (with the boys), since it was supposed to be a pretty simple - just making sure things are okay ultrasound test. So, Sara was there by herself when the technician said “Here's baby A, baby B, and baby C”, which was quite a shock. Sara said the technician said she had a better response than most women who find out they are having multiples and usually utter profanity or cry.

Quickly after this appointment Sara called to tell me. She asked if I was sitting down, and I falsely said, “Yes”. After she told me, I replied “What does it mean?”

Not exactly the most brilliant response, but it was very unbelievable news, given that this sort of thing doesn’t normally happen (trust me or google it). So after finding out a little over a month ago we are quickly trying to figure out what this does actually mean. I plan to share more of this journey as we move forward. Get ready for a wild ride.

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  1. Laura L. Hasenkamp Oien

    I am so excited about this adventure for your family and being able to keep track of this wild ride, I can't wait 🙂


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